Thursday, August 30, 2012

Creative Matters launch at by Kamy in Sao Paulo at Design Weekend

During Design Weekend, August 23 - 26, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, CMI launched pieces from the Aerial Collection at the by Kamy showroom.  We had the pleasure of exhibiting our work alongside 9 important national designers.  

Such a beautiful showroom and a great group of talented designers:

Our rugs looked fantastic in this beautiful space:

Our carpets Scratch Frost and Rory Royale being installed at by Kamy:

This photo was taken during a television interview at the opening night launch of Design Weekend.  Carol on the left with Antonio Da Motta, Designer and Director of Outreach for by Kamy, and Francesca Alzati Co-owner and Creative Director of by Kamy on the right.  

Until next time Brazil, tchau! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elle DECOR features Wish from the Terra Collection!

Elle Decor magazine is highly regarded in the interior design world and has a great reputation here in Canada, so when we stumbled upon one of our rugs in an Elle Decor feature, we were thrilled!  The feature, entitled “Modern Life”, presents contemporary townhouses reinvented into chic and glamorous living spaces.  We weren’t surprised to find our hand-knotted wool and silk “Wish” rug from the Terra collection in the dining room as the monochromatic platinum color palette juxtaposes the fun pattern making it perfect for a low key family meal as well as an upbeat dinner party.

September 2012 Issue

Sherrill Canet designed this beautiful dining room

Showroom Photo


Original Artwork

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

reDesign 2012 Update

Chosen by popular demand, our modern upholstered “Eames DSW” chair will be reinvented as a colorful deep-sea creature – the jellyfish.  We have started the process by painting silk fabric with vibrant liquid dye and are ready to move on to our next task - creating tentacles and upholstering the surface of the sea jelly. 

Our sketch
Painting the silk with liquid dye
 Vibrant colors
The "skeleton" of the jellyfish