Monday, November 26, 2012

Art Day X

Our most recent Art Day was all about the free flowing art of water colour painting.

So much colour.

We gathered on a Thursday afternoon with our aprons on, to get a little messy while playing with paint. Inspiration was taken from nature books and design magazines, generating a line up at the photocopier to get the most inspiring angles and scale from the original images.

Preparing to make art!

Some inspiring books.

A brief introductory lesson in techniques gave us the footing we needed to start our colourful journey.

The methods used included wetting the paper to create an open field for the pigments, letting the paint tell its own story, and using a variety of brushes. We wanted to express a freedom and openness in movement that can be achieved by this medium. We also wanted to create fun, bold, and unusual designs.

Using wax as a resist and water on the paper to let the colour flow freely.

Wet paper with a fan brush.

Everyone was focused.

Painting from inspiration.

Water colours require some drying time, though. Our office became a landscape of drying art, requiring careful navigation as we eventually went back to our desks.

Some interesting and inspiring results from Art Day X!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We Popped Up in the Junction This Week

After almost 25 years as designers of custom carpets we decided to have our very first sample sale. Check out our evite!

We’ve taken over a lovely gallery space at 3109 Dundas Street West to promote our one-of-a-kind designs at once in a lifetime prices.

Our first day was a smashing success!

We had a great response from the community as well! 

"I'm at this once in a lifetime sale at my custom rug fabricators. This is an amazing 8X10. Regularly $8000. For $2900."
Shelley Kirsch, principle, Shelley Kirsch Interior Design

"Making the Junction hotter than ever" Claudine Crangle

Day two saw a slower start but had a very busy finish with many more happy customers walking away with our unique designs.

We’ve made it to day three, and the rugs are going fast. Come and join us before it ends! We’re having so much fun, and who knows if or when we’ll ever do it again. It’s such a great opportunity to buy our fair trade, wool and silk, designer rugs, at 70% off the usual retail price.

Hurry hurry!