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Friday, July 19, 2013

Introducing: The Design Team, Part 1

Continuing with our staff introductions, this month we feature two members of the design team!

Elizabeth White, Designer & Retail Coordinator
A graduate of OCAD University, Elizabeth joined Creative Matters almost 2 years ago as a member of the design team. Taking on many roles, Elizabeth keeps the office in high spirits through impromptu singing, dancing, and an infectiously positive attitude, all while managing our three international retail lines and custom designer projects.
Textiles for Elizabeth are an experience. She loves the variety of materials and textures that allow for endless exploration and design possibilities. Her favourite thing about Art Day is the freedom it gives to play with tactile materials.

Clemence Hardelay, Senior Designer
From a background in fashion and textile design, and a passion for weaving, Clemence joined Creative Matters this year as a member of the design team. Born in France and raised in Italy, Clemence speaks four languages. With her years of design experience, and international upbringing, she adds a fresh approach to our creative process.
Her favourite things about textiles are textures and colours, and the possibilities of combining fibres to create dynamic constructed forms.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June, Already?

So it's the sixth month of the year. Not to overwhelm you, dear reader, but we have almost reached the half way point of 2013. (As I write this, it is day 155 of the calendar year.) 

We've also been experiencing the benefits of seasonal change, with longer days and warmer nights. Summer is edging ever closer, and the good vibes can be felt around Toronto. Although June is the month in the Northern hemisphere with the longest daylight hours, it is the month for the Southern hemisphere that has the shortest days. So, with a global perspective in mind, welcome to summer! And! Welcome to winter! (Depending where you are reading this from.)

This posting, along with a warm welcoming for summer, kicks off a special series of postings for the next few months. Each month we will be spotlighting members of the Creative Matters team, introducing you to the people behind under our rugs, and in our offices, that help bring our design vision to the world.

This month we feature three members of our administrative team. These superstars of efficiency and organization keep the company creative by providing seamless operational support. 

Julie Baldwin, Office Manager
Overseeing the operations and management of the office, Julie has been with Creative Matters for almost 10 years. With her wealth of knowledge of our administrative systems, and her calm approach to answering questions, Julie is the go-to for both internal and external inquiries.

Julie holds an Honours BA in English, enjoys trying new foods, and keeps active by cycling. Materiality and tactility are what interest her in textiles, and her favourite colour is blue. Her favourite thing about Art Day is the comradery and team building that it encourages.

Jane Addie, Financial Manager
Jane has been with Creative Matters for more than a decade. Her responsibilities include financial management, accounting, bookkeeping, and supplying the team with laughter through her sassy sense of humour.
The freedom and playfulness of creation are what Jane enjoys most about Art Day. She also likes the feeling of helping the design team with inspiration for their creative process.

Ashley Solymar, Junior Administrative Assistant
Ashley Solymar is the newest member at Creative Matters Inc.  in the role of Junior Administrative Assistant.  She is a graduate of the Interior Decorating program at Humber College.  She admires the colours, textures and patterns of textiles and is fond of abstract and contemporary design.  Ashley is passionate about creativity and design and looks forward to her first Art Day.

Happy June!